My Greatest Writing Weakness

You know how you can sit down to write, and everything just falls into place? Your focus is perfect, and nothing can keep your fingers from dancing across the keyboard as you rack up an amazing word count? Yeah, I don’t know that feeling either. If you do, though, and you have the writing focus of an Olympian athlete, please comment on this post and … Continue reading My Greatest Writing Weakness

How to Write Faster: An Experiment

April is Camp NaNoWrimo, which is basically like normal NaNoWriMo but with fewer rules. You get to choose your word count goals (instead of the required 50,000) in order to win, and you’re also assigned a cabin, just like summer camp, so it’s easier to find a community. It’s cute and fun, and the writing community is always amazing. But it’s also really intimidating to … Continue reading How to Write Faster: An Experiment

How to Guard Your Creative Energy

Every single writer I’ve ever met or seen online has at one point or another berated themselves for how they’re not writing enough. I know I’ve done my fair share of it. Although I’ve gotten better at it, it’s something I still struggle with, especially this year when I had so much time on my hands at home to be able to write. There were … Continue reading How to Guard Your Creative Energy