March Writing Wrap Up

I really need to work on writing fluency. That’s what I discovered last month. It was a decent writing month, and I hit the goals that I set for myself (mostly), but every time I wrote, I kept struggling with how long I could actually sit down and concentrate on writing. So that’s what I’ve decided I’m going to focus on for April, and in fact, the rest of the year. I’m going to experiment and try different strategies other writers recommend to help build writing fluency. Continue reading March Writing Wrap Up

February Writing Wrap Up

What a month. It’s the shortest month of the year, but between teacher burnout and the Texas Snowpocalypse of 2021, it easily felt like the longest month. Understandably, I didn’t get much writing in for February. I started the month off with 36,504 words and ended with a whopping 36,828. That’s a grand total of 324 words for February, folks. Thanks to M.K. England, who … Continue reading February Writing Wrap Up

How to Guard Your Creative Energy

Every single writer I’ve ever met or seen online has at one point or another berated themselves for how they’re not writing enough. I know I’ve done my fair share of it. Although I’ve gotten better at it, it’s something I still struggle with, especially this year when I had so much time on my hands at home to be able to write. There were … Continue reading How to Guard Your Creative Energy