Books I Can’t Wait to Read This Year

Before I was a teacher, I was a young adult librarian, and I knew every YA book published. This is barely an exaggeration. It was literally my job to know what books are out and what would be published soon. I had lists on lists of books separated by genre, category, and special interests for very particular readers so that when someone walked up to … Continue reading Books I Can’t Wait to Read This Year

5 Reading Goals for 2021

Yes, I know it’s February already, but it’s never too late to set goals, right? Every January since I started using Goodreads, I have set a reading goal for myself. Lately, I’ve realized that I don’t like setting numerical reading goals because I feel they’re too strict and limiting. I really don’t like the pressure associated with it when I can’t keep up, especially since … Continue reading 5 Reading Goals for 2021