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For 50 years, magic has been suppressed in Avontir. Anyone with a trace of magic must register with the King or be put to death. On the night of the Festival of Lights, a dragon attacks and mages revolt, leaving the kingdom in chaos. Dragontouched is a fast-paced YA sci-fi/fantasy that blends magic and technology, grapples with the tension between societal expectations and being true to oneself, and explores themes of social justice and coming of age.

Writing Resources

I’ve always loved writing, but in my past few years of teaching high school English, I’ve found a new passion for teaching and mentoring people to be better writers. Writing can seem like such an overwhelming task, and all too often the advice given to new writers is to just “read and write more.” That’s not particularly helpful, which is why I’ve created writing resources to help writers of all levels.

Hi! I’m Kimberly Dyer, and I’ve been writing since I could hold a crayon in my hand. I currently live in Texas with my friendly Golden-Corgi dog named Hadley. During the day, I teach teenagers to enjoy reading and writing. At night, I live in my own fantasy world that I hope to share with you soon.